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South Tech Carpentry Signing Day 

South Tech carpentry student and Matt Westhoff, instructor, shake hands during Signing Day.

May 3, 2023 - Seven students in the Carpentry Program at South Tech were celebrated during the school’s annual Construction Signing Day. Seniors Gavin Beaudreau, Jacob Borst, Reece Doza, Zander Estrella, Tim Fisher, Collin ORourke, and Aniyah Williamson committed to working for companies such as Builder’s Bloc, CCS, PARIC, and Doza Painting immediately following graduation. 

“I am very proud of them,” said Matt Westhoff, carpentry instructor. “They have taken the initiative to find an employer and secure a job on day one after graduation. They’re all very well equipped to do phenomenal and impactful work.”

Williamson will be starting her career at PARIC and she believes it’s the perfect fit. She learned about the company after her class went on a field trip and toured one of their construction sites. 

“During the visit, I had the opportunity to see what it’s like to build a luxury apartment commercial building from the ground up and that really intrigued me,” said Williamson. “After talking with the contractors and comparing it to other job sites, I knew right away that working predominantly with metal and concrete is what I wanted to do professionally.” 

Internships and field experiences are incorporated into all programs at South Tech. Students have the opportunity to gain real world experience while they are gaining skills, high school credit, college credit, and make connections to employers. O’Rourke has already been working with his signed employer for months. He began working for Builders Bloc over the summer and Doza has been interning with the same company since March. 

“During my South Tech class time, I was working for Builders Bloc,” said Doza. “Even though I signed with Doza Painting, my time at Builders Bloc was extremely valuable. I had the opportunity to work in the field and experience what an average work day as a carpenter looks like. I appreciated learning how to work with all kinds of people and go further in depth into why and how certain building practices are implemented.”

Borst is also a future Builders Bloc employee. He loves working with his hands and is excited to make his dream a reality by becoming a carpenter. 

“I love everything about carpentry,” said Borst. “But my experience at South Tech has definitely grown my passion even more. Coming to South Tech was probably the best decision I have ever made in school. I met my best friends. It’s a great environment. I had a great class and a great teacher.”