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Students Awarded for Exhibiting Excellent Character

 Neuwoehner student Evelyn Bret holds up her Character Captured Award certificate.

May 15, 2023 - Students and staff at Neuwoehner High School rallied together to celebrate the success of service-learning projects and Character Captured Award recipients in May. During the ceremony, eight students and four projects from each learning community were acknowledged.

“It’s important to recognize student achievements because it motivates them, promotes pride, and shows their hard work is appreciated,” said Neuwoehner Assistant Principal Bridget Duke. “All students participate in the service-learning projects which positively impacts the entire school, and allows for collaboration between students, staff, and the community.” 

Every quarter, students are selected by teachers and support staff for showing exceptional growth in areas of kindness, safety, cooperation, and peace. Below are the recipients who knocked it out of the park: 

Third Quarter 

  • Ruby Dean - Learning Community 1
  • Emily Bousman - Learning Community 2
  • Jade Gillespie - Learning Community 3
  • Rico McDaniel - Learning Community 4

Fourth Quarter 

  • Jaylen Williams - Learning Community 1 
  • Tyler Foster - Learning Community 2
  • Evelyn Breit - Learning Community 3
  • Maxim Montroy - Learning Community 4

For the service-learning projects, Learning Community 1 wrote thank you cards for staff at St. Luke’s Hospital. Learning Community 2 hosted a food drive and collected over 145 items to give to Kirkcare. Learning Community 3 sold dog biscuits to students and staff, donating $600 in proceeds to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Lastly, Learning Community 4 held a toy drive to support Friends of Kids with Cancer

“I love to see it,” said Kyla Yount, teacher and Character Ed committee member. “Our students are creating meaningful community partnerships. The excitement in their eyes when they hear their name called and walk across the stage brings a smile to my face.”