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Buddy Room Activities Bring Northview Community Together

Senior Alexis Hale pushes another student who is using a powered chair.

August 23, 2023 - Rekindling old and making new friendships was the outcome at Northview as students mixed and mingled during the first buddy room activity of the school year. Buddy room activities take place once a month and are designed to bring students together from all departments (social-emotional behavior, deaf or hard of hearing, autism, etc.). 

“We don’t get to mesh a whole lot during the school day because of different schedules and different needs,” said Matie Burress, math teacher. “Not everyone uses a pen and paper to communicate, so buddy room activities allow the students to see how their peers learn. Some students may choose to simply hang out with each other while others assist with pushing powered chairs, hooking up chairs to the swing outside, or using a talker. It’s an eye-opening experience for everyone.” 

The activity for August was a puzzle piece. Students colored their pieces, wrote their names and interests on them, and then shared their pieces with a neighbor. All the pieces fit together, and the final design will be displayed inside the building. Before the first day of school, staff did the activity with each other. 

“It gives staff and students a better sense of awareness of who’s in the building and who shouldn’t be in the building for safety,” said Mary McCorman, teacher. “I get to know students I don’t work with on a daily basis and become more integrated into all the different classrooms, which I like.”

Alexis Hale, senior, couldn't agree more. Anytime there is an opportunity to get to know other students, she goes all in. 

“I also did the Special Olympics last year,” said Hale. “When we buddy up, I get to hang out with different people and get to know them. It’s fun and easy because everyone is so kind. I enjoy it. I really do. Everyone is so sweet. I love them.” 

Upcoming events that students will buddy up for include the annual carnival and First Responders Day.