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Students Explore the Outdoors while Fishing

 Amir Sanders goes fishing at the pond.

September 11, 2023 - It’s a tradition that’s continued for nearly a decade. 

“This is one of my favorite field trips because the students get so excited and look forward to it,” said Sally Stanton, teacher’s assistant. 

She’s referring to the annual Ackerman fishing trip. Every year in September, the entire school makes the journey to a nearby park to socialize, play games, and of course, cast their poles into the water. 

“The students put the bait on themselves and the teachers show them how to take the fish off the hook if they catch something. It’s a fun experience,” said Stanton. 

The field trip is an opportunity for students to practice patience and social skills. It also allows them to connect with the local area. 

“It’s a great opportunity for the students to be in their own community,” said Brittany Jordan, teacher. “We also don’t have many activities that the entire school is inclusively involved in, so it’s a chance for students to see other students in different grades.” 

Amir Sanders is in second grade and this was his first time going on the trip. While his goal was to catch a fish, he was more excited to interact with his classmates. 

“I like to fish and hang out with my friends. It’s fun,” said Sanders. 

Jason Betancourt is the coordinator of the event. He believes the tradition will continue for as long as possible because it allows students to try an activity they may have never done before. 

“Hands-on trial and error is always the best way to learn,” said Betancourt. “Plus, the students get to spend time outside.”

“I love watching the students interact with each other outside of the classroom,” said Jody Romeo, assistant principal. “The students hang out with different teachers and put into practice some of the social skills they have learned. Watching them do that and have fun while doing it is great.”The school would like to thank the Special Education Foundation for awarding them a grant, which covered the cost of fishing poles and bait.