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Neuwoehner Community Competes in Kickball Game

Neuwoehner student kicks the ball at the kickball game.

October 18, 2023 - Students and staff at Neuwoehner School engaged in friendly competition as they challenged each other in a kickball game. At the end of every quarter, the principal and assistant principal host an activity for the entire school as a celebration of all the efforts students have poured into their education during the year. 

“In the past we’ve played volleyball and softball,” said Denise Bell, paraprofessional. “I love getting out there and having fun with the students. I’m keeping score this year. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather and take a break from school work.”

The game includes an educational component as students practice communicating with others and learn how to work as a team while playing. It’s another opportunity for them to improve their social skills outside of the classroom. 

“When I kicked the ball high in the air and ran across the bases, I yelled out to my team,” said Timothy L., a twelfth-grader. “I love kickball because I get to kick the ball as hard as I can and play with my friends.” 

Andrew Mueller, teacher, has been working at Neuwohner for nearly five years. One of his favorite moments is interacting with students from beyond his own classroom.

“All the students can interact in the game or cheer their team on, which is nice,” said Mueller. “Students of all abilities come together and that’s what makes it special.”