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KidSmart Donates Supplies to Litzsinger

 Litzsinger teachers and students look through a pile of books to keep.

November 7, 2023 - “I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday,” said Katherine White, KidSmart chief of staff and executive assistant.

White along with other representatives from KidSmart and Carney’s Kids Foundation, visited Litzsinger School in November to provide $7,500 worth of school supplies and books for all 24 classrooms. The Carney’s Kids Foundation provides financial support to non-profit organizations whose goal is to improve the lives of children. They granted the money to KidSmart, who chose Litzsinger as the beneficiary of the funds. 

“I taught at Litzsinger for almost 30 years as a teacher and loved every moment of it, so it’s great to be back,” said Paula Berner, a Carney’s Kids Foundation board member. “This is a true partnership that benefits the students and we value being a part of the community. It’s amazing to be here.” 

Teachers were given a box filled with notebooks, glue, crayons, highlighters, hand wipes, erasers, and a pack of hand sanitizer. Students picked a book to keep and were also given a pencil pouch filled with pens and mechanical pencils. Depending on the grade, some classrooms were supplied with STEAM books (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). 

“Our goal is that every student at Litzsinger walks away with a book and that the teachers walk away with classroom supplies so that they can continue to learn,” said White. 

“KidSmart takes pressure off of our classroom teachers and our families to provide supplies where there may otherwise be a gap,” said Kathy Russ, Litzsinger principal. “We are very appreciative of their efforts and partnership with Carney’s Kids, which allowed all of this to be possible.”

Carney’s Kids Foundation also helps fund the Litzsinger annual spring picnic. This year’s picnic will be held on the last day of school, May 23, 2024.