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Bridges Starts Beauty Club

Garber School of Hair Design student demonstrates how to give a manicure.

March 12, 2024 - The Bridges Program has started a new club centered around all things beauty, the Bridges Beauty Club. It aims to create an inviting space for students to share their interest in the cosmetology industry. The five students currently in the club will learn a range of skills from hair, skincare, and make-up. 

“The goal is to encourage and support students who want to eventually enter the industry,” said Jamie Rivali, special education teacher. “It is also meant to be a safe place to have fun and do something different during the school day.”

So far, students have been learning how to create different styles of braids. They recently went on their first field trip to the Garber School of Hair Design to further their training. Current Garber students gave them an overview of course materials, demonstrated how to give a client a manicure, and taught them how to develop a proper skincare routine based on their individual skin type. 

“I really liked the tour of the building,” said Bernice Jones, 11th-grader. “It was interesting to see how everything was set up and see all the different people who were going to school there.”

Once a month, Rivali plans on inviting a team of professionals to Bridges to teach club members a specific skill related to cosmetology. She also plans on taking a field trip to North and South Tech’s Cosmetology programs. 

“I would like my students to realize that having a career in cosmetology is possible.” she adds. “I want the Beauty Club to be a place for students to learn a skill that interests them and be supported by professionals in the industry if they desire to go to Beauty School in the future.”