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SEF Funds Theater Performance at Litzsinger 

 The SEF team takes a photo together at the Imaginary Theater Company performance.

March 15, 2024 - To help bring theater, art, and music performances into schools, the Special Education Foundation (SEF) funded a performance of “Puss in Boots” by the Imaginary Theater Company. The play was held at Litzsinger School and is based on the classic fairy tale book “Le Chat Botté” by Charles Perrault. In the story, a talking cat helps his poor owner marry a beautiful princess. Following the show, students had the opportunity to talk with the actors and ask questions. 

“It was like a movie,” said Mosi Schodrowski, fourth-grade. “Even though the set stayed exactly the same, I thought it was creative. I also really liked the costumes. I wish we had those costumes.”

The SEF sponsorship stems from its Arts in the Classroom program, which aims to foster students' growth and development through plays and musical troupes. This year, they also funded a performance of “Maddi’s Fridge” by the Metro Theatre at Ackerman School and “When The Rattlesnake Sounds” by the Black Rep Theater at Neuwoehner High School. 

“By partnering with SSD, SEF helps give access for students to experience performing arts such as theater and music that they may not be able to do otherwise,” said Tim Eby, SEF executive director. “These kinds of experiences can change a student's perspective on the world, bringing joy and positivity as part of their school day.”

On April 2, members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra will be performing at Southview School, which SEF is funding. Next year, they plan to work with the Opera Theatre of St. Louis and Jazz St. Louis for in-school performances to inspire students.