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St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Performs at Southview

 Members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra play instruments on stage at Southview School.

April 3, 2024 - The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) made their debut performance at Southview, engaging students with iconic pieces in the classical music repertoire. The musical group consisted of a drummer, flutist, violinist, cellist, hornist, and bassoonist. 

“It’s rare for students to have access to these types of experiences,” said Tim Eby, Special Education Foundation (SEF) director and event sponsor. “They enthralled the students with dancing, nodding of heads, tapping of toes, and waving of hands. It was sensational.” 

Musicians played popular songs such as “Morning Mood” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” both composed by Edward Grieg. They also premiered a new piece that was specially written for the program. Ryder Linder, 1st-grader, enjoyed the cinematic pieces. 

“I really liked when they played the Star Wars theme song,” said Ryder.

Laura Reinert, SLSO director of education, says they purposely chose songs that the audience would be able to recognize and move to. 

“You may not know the titles, but once you hear the music, you’ll recognize them,” said Reinert. “This program is all about how composers use musical elements to express emotions and tell stories. There is a lot of variety as far as tempo and dynamics. Hopefully, the students will pick up on all of those changes.” 

Jennifer Heinlein, Southview assistant principal, would like to thank SEF and SLSO for allowing the school to be a part of the Acoustic Music Project performance. They look forward to working with both organizations again. 

“Words cannot express the gratitude Southview has for both SEF and SLSO for their service to our students,” said Jennifer Heinlein, Southview assistant principal. “The performance provided a unique opportunity for our students to learn and enjoy music.”