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Students Learn How to Recycle at Earth Day Celebration

 Southview student holds up fossil made out of clay and items found in nature.

April 25, 2024 - “I really love how Southview celebrates Earth Day,” said Dawn Andell, Southview teacher’s assistant. “They really give consciousness and meaning to what the day is.”

To help make the planet a little healthier, Southview’s school community worked together to collect recycled materials and repurpose them to make arts and craft activities. The event was held in honor of Earth Day, an annual celebration that supports creating a clean environment and reducing plastic waste. During Southview’s event, students created fossil imprints, bird feeders, sun catchers, and musical instruments out of recycled materials. 

“Stations were set up outside,” said Erin Paulus, Southview special education teacher and event coordinator. “We turned the track into a nature walk and also incorporated sensory stations. It provided students with the opportunity to reduce, reuse, recycle, and make our world a healthier place to live.” 

Paulus’ goal was for every student to leave the event knowing how to prevent waste by repurposing materials they frequently use in their own homes. Benjamin Olsen, 12th-grader, says he learned how to plant flowers. Andell says her favorite station was making sun catchers. 

“Not only is it an opportunity to get free vitamin D, it creates a wonderful experience for our students,” added Andell. “The sun catcher station is my favorite because I’ve had several students gift me sun catchers, so I have several of those gracing my trees at home. I also like that the students can plant flowers because I’m a big supporter of gardening. 

Students were also able to interact with peers from different classrooms. Paulus believes it was a great setting to let students' creativity shine.