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Board Director Dr. Sartorius Completed MSBA’s New Member Training

Dr. Sartorious receives a certificate from Board Vice President Dr. Cuneo at a Board meeting.June 28, 2024 - SSD Board of Education director Dr. Joseph Sartorious completed the Missouri School Board Association’s (MSBA) New Board Member training requirements on June 1, 2024. He completed the Certified Board Member (CBM) Essential Board Member training. Dr. Sartorius was recognized at the June 25, 2024, Board of Education meeting for his dedication to the District.

“On-going professional development is an essential part of staying relevant within the field of education,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Maclin. “I’m thankful that Dr. Sartorius has taken the responsibilities of his role as a Board member within SSD so seriously, and we look forward to his leadership and guidance.”

MSBA’s Certified Board Member (CBM) Essential Board Member training fulfills this requirement by MSBA and provides a foundation for becoming an effective board member. The training places a strong emphasis on improving student achievement by providing guidance to board members of effective school board leadership. The required content addressed included sessions on student achievement, school law, school finance, board policy, board relations, board operations, goal setting/strategic planning, advocacy, communications, and prevention of student sexual abuse. 

Missouri law requires all school board members to receive 18.5 hours of training within their first 12 months of service. MSBA’s CBM Essential Board Member Training fulfills this requirement and provides the foundation for becoming an effective board member.