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Garden Creates Summer Fun for Students

 Devin Pulley holds his decorated pot at the Maplewood-Richmond Heights garden.

July 2, 2024 - Students in Maplewood-Richmond Heights summer school have been learning all about planting this summer. Every weekday morning, students head outside to their garden to cultivate an array of peppermint, stevia, sweet potatoes, sunflowers, cucumber, and plants native to Missouri. 

“Last year, my students loved going to the beautiful garden, so I met with Almut Marino, director of Seed to Table, to see if we could help with the garden this summer,” said Kim White, special education teacher. 

Seed to Table is an education program that promotes health and wellness by connecting students to the natural world. 

“My students are responsible for watering all the plants in pots. They also decorated the pots and made labels for new plants using old blinds. It’s been a great experience,” says White.”

The garden also includes a dozen chickens, which the students feed using vegetables like corn and cucumber that are grown in the garden. 

“Sometimes the chickens will be out in the garden, so it’s fun to watch the students herd them back into their coop.” adds White.

The garden is managed year round, so students are preparing seeds for the fall and removing dead plants. Alexa Glore, senior and Rosemary Zander award winner, says gardening is the highlight of her day. 

“It’s my favorite thing to do at school,” says Glore. “I like helping the plants and seeds grow. We make sure that they get plenty of sunshine and air too.”

During the school year, students also hold several plant sales. For more information, check out the MRH Seed to Table Facebook page.