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Ackerman Teacher Recognized as 2021 Extraordinary Educator

Meg Tegerdine Jan. 11, 2021 – Meg Tegerdine, a special education teacher at Ackerman School, was selected as a 2021 Extraordinary Educator through Curriculum Associates. The Extraordinary Educators award highlights teachers who have taught for at least two years, have experience using iReady (an assessment tool) in their classrooms, illustrate growth and achievement through formal assessments, demonstrate classroom innovation and engagement practices for their students, and focus on high standards and student achievement.

“My hope is this award will bring opportunities for further learning for myself and colleagues,” said Tegerdine. “I have the privilege to work with some of the best educators out there and am so thankful for the community we create together.”

Tegerdine was chosen as an Extraordinary Educator recipient with close to 40 other educators from across the country. All winners will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from each other. She will also work with Curriculum Associates for additional professional development opportunities utilizing their programs and be able to participate in the Extraordinary Educators Leadership Summit in late 2021.

Tegerdine’s classroom is a place of community, respect, and high expectations for students and staff. “I find it especially important to include students in these discussions about expectations, goal setting, and planning to meet goals,” said Tegerdine. “We can rely on data to inform instructional changes and to determine what our next steps are as individual, class, and community. I think, really, more than anything, sharing the responsibility of learning and growth by both teachers and students through focusing on community has made the biggest impact on my class’ academic, behavioral, and social/emotional growth.”

Her dedication in the classroom isn’t clear to only her students, though. “Meg is a dedicated teacher and extraordinary educator,” said Lisa Leonard-Sneed, interim principal at Ackerman School. “She works tirelessly to provide her students with individualized behavioral interventions and academic supports. I am so thankful to have her as a staff member at Ackerman. She is truly a leader and someone that has the capacity to support both students and staff in improving their learning and practices.”

A list of all of the 2021 Extraordinary Educators winners can be found on the Curriculum Associates website.