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Board of Education Approves SSD Equity Framework

April 27, 2021 – The Special School District Board of Education is committed to ensuring equity at the individual, school, and district levels. During the April 27 business meeting, the Board approved the SSD Equity Framework developed and presented by Director of Equity Dr. Michael Maclin and Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Dr. Mollie Bolton. This Framework defines what equity means in SSD, establishes guiding principles, and action plans to direct equity work in the District.

SSD’s Board is dedicated to the success of each of our students and recognizes that factors such as socioeconomic status, disability, race, ethnicity, and gender, can deprive students of educational equity. “The Equity Framework is an important step towards identifying disparities related to equity, as well as opportunities for ensuring that each student has the same opportunities to succeed,” said Board of Education President Dr. Dan Cuneo. “Our intention is to create and nurture a welcoming and inclusive school environment for all. We are making progress, but there is still much work to be done.”

SSD’s Equity Framework holds three essential questions at its core:

  • Why do different groups experience varying outcomes of achievement and educational experiences?
  • How does each intricate aspect of the organization systematically ensure high-quality equitable programming for each and all?
  • How can we provide transparent and consistent metrics that empower staff and district leaders to make decisions, comparisons, and monitor the impact of equity?

“SSD strongly believes that every individual is valued,” said SSD Superintendent Elizabeth Keenan, Ph.D. “Each of our students deserve a high-quality education regardless of their abilities or background.” 

SSD’s Equity Framework is the result of ongoing, thoughtful partnerships with stakeholders committed to advancing educational equity for each and all students.

“We must continue to work together to create a more just and equitable school system,” said Dr. Maclin. “I am hopeful that together, we can address the issues of inequity, institutional and implicit bias, and racism.”

The SSD Equity Framework provides a common vision, language, and approach for driving change at every level.

Click here to view the SSD Equity Framework.