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Ackerman School Presents the All About Me Fashion Show

April 14, 2022 - Students at Ackerman School strutted down the runwayAckerman student and teacher walk down the red carpet at the All About me Fashion Show on April 8 at The Marvel-ous All About Me Fashion Show of Superheroes. During the show, students had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite superhero and walk down the red carpet while being cheered on by family and friends. The special moment was accompanied by a presenter reading aloud each student’s talents, gifts, and interests. Organizer and Special Education Teacher Lisa Lockhart says it’s a time for students to feel recognized and loved by the school community.

“It’s important to have this activity for our students because it is their version of their very own talent show,” said Lockhart. “They are able to share with others a little bit about themselves, so everyone gets a chance to know them better.”

This was the school's seventh annual show and a total of 45 students participated. Principal Lisa Leonard-Sneed says it’s an event she looks forward to attending every year because the students are the ones in the spotlight. 

“It’s one of my favorite events because it’s all about the kids,” said Leonard-Sneed. “The kids can shine and show their personalities to everyone that comes.”

The students love having all eyes on them when they walk down the runway and Lockhart says seeing their facial expressions when they hear the loud cheers and support makes the planning and organizing of the show all worth it. For more information about the Fashion Show, email Lisa Lockhart at