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Under the Sea Fashion Show Held at Ackerman

Under the Sea Fashion Show Held at AckermanApril 21, 2023 - Over 40 Ackerman students put on their best smiles and made their way down the runway for the Under the Sea themed All About Me Fashion Show. The gym overflowed with students' families and nearly 200 decorative balloons. The show allowed students to learn more about their peers' interests and their accomplishments. 

“This is really important because many of our students don’t always have the ability to communicate and let people know the activities or projects they are working on, and how well they are doing in school,” said Jody Romeo, assistant principal. “And the fact that parents and family members can attend makes it even better.” 

8th grader Bryan Jackson is non-verbal and strutted down the runway with teachers Jenna Keith and Stephanie Williams. The host highlighted Jackson’s love for Dora the Explorer and swinging on the playground. 

“Walking with my teachers was my favorite part,” said Jackson. “ I also liked watching all of my friends have a turn.” 

The Ackerman All About Me Fashion Show is an annual event. Romeo says she is proud of everyone's dedication to putting on a great show once again. 

“The teachers and students work hard all year long to make this happen. It’s a great opportunity for students to show off their talents. [Principal] Ms. Lisa and I are both very proud of all the participants.”