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Art Walk & Talent Show Held at Litzsinger School

April 22, 2022 - “I like to think of it as theStudent plays the guitar at the Litzsinger Talent Show. Litzsinger Lion Art Museum,” said Art Teacher Stephanie McCoy. That’s how she would describe the annual Litzsinger Art Walk and Talent Show, which took place in April. The event-filled day began with families going on a self-guided tour of students' artwork that was displayed in the hallways. Students created self-driven art projects in the form of paintings, sculptures, graphic art, felting, drawings, and weaving. 

“We have so many talented and incredibly creative students,” said McCoy. ”I love to see the art displayed and have the opportunity to meet the family and friends of our students. It is a Litzsinger community event.”

Following the Art Walk, students showed off their athletic, musical, and artistic skills in the Talent Show, which featured over 100 students. That portion of the program was organized by Music Teacher Kyles Spies. Spies wanted to challenge his students to work towards a long-term goal and to showcase something they could be proud of. While some students performed live on stage, the primary format of the show was done through video. 

“I decided to go with a mostly video format because it best supported my philosophy of music education,” said Spies. “This format allowed for many modifications/adaptations to be made for each student and they liked the aspect of seeing themselves on screen. In our culture today, these videos can also be compared to Tik Tok videos, which are popular.” 

McCoy and Spies called the event a success and are already planning for next year. 

“I begin planning and organizing the next Art Walk as soon as the present Art Walk is over,” said McCoy. “I like to get input on what went well and how I can improve things for the next year. Each year we get a little bigger and better.” 

During the event, students picked out a children’s book to take home. McCoy and Spies hope to see Litzsinger Lion friends and families in attendance next spring.