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Tammy Topp Recognized at CarneyVal

 Teacher Tammy Topp smiles at the camera in the hallway of Litzsinger School.

April 4, 2023 - Litzsinger Teacher Tammy Topp is making her mark on the community. She recently received the Continuous Support of Children in Need Award from the Carney’s Kids Foundation. Topp has been volunteering at the Foundation for over 20 years and co-chairs the organization's largest fundraiser CarneyVal alongside Board Member Paula Berner. Topp handles logistics, sends out letters for donations, and everything in between. 

“I was stunned when they said my name at the ceremony,” says Topp. “I had absolutely no idea I was receiving an award. I am a difficult person to surprise and was absolutely caught off guard. I was nominated by the Carney Kids Board members.” 

Topp has always enjoyed working with children, the elderly, and helping others, which is why the Foundation is close to her heart. Carney Kids also supports Litzsinger School financially and pays for the school’s picnic every year. 

“I love that the organization supports children,” says Topp. “In the beginning, the organization donated to eight or nine charities. Now, that number has nearly tripled.” 

Even after Topp retires, she plans to continue volunteering. “I appreciate and am grateful for their acknowledgment of my time and efforts,” says Topp. “I am proud to volunteer and be part of all the support they give to children of all ages, disabilities, and backgrounds.”