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Information on AMI Virtual Learning Days

February 23, 2022 - Last week, our District used all of our scheduled “traditional snow days” during the winter storm that affected our area. With the threat of additional winter weather moving in later this week, we wanted to remind families that going forward if school must be closed, the District will use Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) days to provide virtual learning for students. This will ensure that students do not miss any additional days of learning due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances that would cause schools to close. 

On an AMI virtual learning day, families will receive communication from the District about buildings being closed, as well as specific instructions from your student’s teacher about the classwork/projects/activities that will need to be completed on that day. 

What will student learning look like on AMI days?

Families will receive communication from the student’s teacher with the instructional plan for AMI days. This will include instructions for accessing synchronous (live) instruction/office hours and access to Google Classroom or other system, as well as asynchronous (offline) learning activities. Devices will be provided to students based on need. If you require a device and an SSD staff member has not already contacted you, please reach out to your teacher.

Classroom teachers will take attendance based on the student’s participation in either synchronous or asynchronous activities.

How is the District preparing for a possible closure? 

Our teachers will work with students in the coming days to ensure that they understand what is expected and how to access lessons in the event of an AMI learning day. When necessary, teachers will work directly with families.

Should you have any questions regarding the activities or classwork that needs to be completed, programs or devices that your student is using, or other questions about your student’s day, please reach out to your teacher.




*Information for SSD staff in regards to AMI virtual learning can be found on SSD Life.