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Northview Hosts Annual Talent Show

May 26, 2022 - Northview High School ended the 2021-22 school yearNorthview student sings on stage at the annual Talent Show. on a high note with its annual Talent Show. Hundreds of students, staff, family, and friends packed the gym on May 25 to watch 13 acts, including singing, dancing, and musical instrument performances. 

The event was organized by Bethany Stepleton, the school’s publications teacher. This was Stepleton’s first year teaching at Northview. She says planning the show was something she couldn’t resist. 

“I like planning events,” said Stepleton. “I knew it would be fun and the students would like it. Preparations began right after prom. When I put out the call to see who wanted to be in the talent show, students immediately started signing up.”

Judges of the show were Assistant Principal Mark Sharp (a.k.a. Simon Cowell), junior student Julian Thomas, and Executive Director of Schools and Programs Kelly Grisby. They ranked each performance using smiley faces and also provided comments and feedback. 

“I wanted to be a judge because it’s my second to last year and I figured that I might as well go big or go home,” said Thomas. “I vibed with the other judges and would like to do it again next year.”

Sophomore student Maya Wilkes sang the song “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna for her act. At first, Wilkes says she was a little scared and nervous, but gained confidence after practicing for several weeks in front of her family, who attended the show to see her sing live. Wilkes says she chose the song because she wanted everyone to feel loved.

“I wanted everyone to know that I care about them and the song makes me happy,” said Wilkes.

The Talent Show concluded with everyone coming down to the front of the stage and dancing to the Cupid Shuffle. Stepleton says it was an event to remember. 

“To see the excitement on the students' faces today, they were so excited and sometimes I forget what it’s like to be them,” said Stepleton. “A lot of skills come out when they get in front of people and I am so proud of them for being willing to do so. We have a lot of good talent at this school and I’m glad we were able to display it because there is not an avenue otherwise.”