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Giggle Bakers Cook Up Dog Treats Filled with Love

March 17, 2021 – Students in Rebecca Seger’s transition classroom at Southview School have been baking up delicious treats filled with love and laughter, but their intended audience isn’t in the school. The Giggle Bakers, so dubbed because the class is known for their laughter and slapstick humor, make treats specifically for dogs.

“Our classroom typically goes out three times a week for community skills, social skills, and transition skills,” said Seger. “Due to the pandemic, we are in our classroom 100 percent of the day.”

Conversation in class often came back to everyone’s favorite four-legged critters, which made it an easy connection with vocabulary and language goals, daily living skills, and occupational skills.

“We often work on communication with our AAC devices, gestures, and individual language,” said Seger. “We have to raise our hands, ask for a turn, crack the eggs, pour, stir, and roll the dough, all while we watch Scooby Doo classic cartoons!”

Staff put the rolled dough into the dog treat maker, similar to a waffle iron, for safety purposes.

Word soon got out and staff across the building started making their requests for treat bags to take home. The class has tried a few different recipes, all of which have received glowing reviews from their intended recipients. 

student pouring ingredients into mixing bowl student measuring ingredients student mixing dough

dog treats being baked