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Great Clips Conducts on the Spot Interviews with North Tech Cosmetology Students

March 10, 2022 - Senior cosmetology students at North Tech HighGreat Clips General Manager speaks to North Tech cosmetology students. School are one step closer to reaching their goal of working in a salon as licensed cosmetologists following a meet and greet with Great Clips General Manager, John Vigil. After giving a presentation on what it’s like to work as a Great Clips stylist, Vigil interviewed students who were interested in starting their careers with the company. Cosmetology instructor Jennifer Burns worked at Great Clips for 22 years prior to working at North Tech and she says it’s one of the best places for aspiring hair stylists to get their foot in the door.

“I grew up with them and they have brought me many opportunities,” said Burns. “This is a limited service option that these students have and it’s a great place to start.”

A second round of interviews will be conducted in the next few weeks by salon managers at hiring locations. If selected, the students will be hired on as receptionists and work their way up to being stylists after passing the Missouri State Board of Certification exam in May. Burns has at least a dozen students who have started their cosmetology careers at Great Clips, including senior Cierra Martz who has worked there for the past two months. 

“If you want to learn how to cut hair and see how the customer interaction goes, then it’s a really good environment to be in,” said Martz. 

Since pre-school, Gabriela Choy has had a dream of owning her own salon and she feels working at Great Clips could help her get there. 

“I want to continue working in the industry and improve my cuts so I can venture out on my own,” said Choy. “I want to build up my clients and do what I love everyday.” 

Senior Anna Hellwig also has a dream of opening her own salon. She says a good haircut is what makes someone a professional stylist and it’s a skill she plans to master. 

“Cutting hair is the base to everything in cosmetology,” said Hellwig. “And you can really make somebody’s day with a new haircut and new hair color. “You can really turn their day around.” 

North Tech is accepting applications online from current sophomores for the Cosmetology program until April 15, 2022. For more information about the course, visit the North Tech High School Website.