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North Tech Law Enforcement Students Participate in Mock Crime Scene

North Tech Law Enforcement Students Participate in Mock Crime Scene March 14, 2022 -  Junior and senior law enforcement students were put to the ultimate test during a mock bomb scene at North Tech. The activity incorporated all the real elements of an active crime scene, including a controlled blast that was formulated by Maryville University Professor of Chemistry Tom Spudich. The witness and suspect roles were acted out by Sergeant Jenifer Williams and Officer Brandon Sierra from the Police Athletic League and ‘nosey neighbors’ were played by the sophomore class. Law enforcement students drove to the scene using real police cars and there was a crime scene van on site.

“The decision to make it a bomb scene was really just us wanting to make it a real experience,” said law enforcement instructor Clarence Hines. “We felt like a real-life explosion was something that would be unique and exciting, and not very common to law enforcement. Over the years, we have done other scenes, but we wanted to amp it up this year with a bomb scene.”

Students were judged by three officers on their ability to secure the scene, control the crowd, search and interview witnesses, make an arrest, identify a suspect, and overall knowledge of the crime scene. School Resource Officer Neil French says the main goal was to test the students' understanding and execution of basic police work principles.

“Our suspect had another bomb in his backpack, and we wanted to see if the students would search the suspect correctly, in accordance with the fourth amendment,” said French. “Then, once a suspect is identified and taken into custody, would they use the Miranda rights correctly, testing the fifth and sixth amendments.”

Both the junior and senior class made the appropriate arrest and arranged for evidence to be processed in the correct way. The second part of the project includes the case being tried in front of a real judge, which will be held on March 16. The junior class will act as the defense team and the senior class will act as prosecutors.

“There are issues that will come up for the trial, but I don't want to give anything away, said French. “It's going to be very entertaining! These students are very passionate about this activity.  I've already seen one student in tears over a simple mistake, so I can tell you, both sides want to win!”