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North Tech’s Victorian Romance Fashion Show 

April 29, 2022 - North Tech High School’s Fashion Show is a grandNorth Tech student walks down the runway at the Victorian Romance Fashion Show. occasion. It features glitz and glamor, a candlelit runway with statues and music. But most importantly, it’s the time when senior students showcase their original clothing collections. The Fashion Design Program held its first fashion show since 2019 on April 19. This year's theme was Victorian Romance. Senior designers, Riaa Noldan, Alisa Spence, Joy Chepoghisho, Anyssa Hill, and Lael Grant brought the era to life using tones and colors influenced by the period and created modernized interpretations of the time. 

“This is important for real-world industry experience,” said Fashion Design Teacher Darnicia Darden. “Being able to start with an idea and work through the steps to execute the ideas is important. Students learn all of the skills needed to present a cohesive collection as well as produce a fashion show. The show is a way to tie all those skills together.”

Students produce the entire show, including creating tickets and flyers. They have been working since November on collection development and collaborating with other programs . Cosmetology students put together hair and makeup looks and photography students filmed and took pictures during the live event. 

“Everybody has at least one role,” said Kiaira Merrill, a student in the program. “Us juniors are helping with the setup, putting up chairs. My friend and I are vendors and also helped paint the mannequins. Whatever somebody needs, we’re there to help.” 

Social Studies Instructor Victor Hicks was the host for the night. He says he’s not the most fashionable, but was excited to see the seniors get it done right. 

“Our fashion students do great work, but a lot of times it doesn't get seen,” and Hicks. “It’s a great opportunity for them to get noticed for what they’ve been doing in the classroom and the development they’ve made with Ms. Darden as their instructor.”

The fashion show will continue to take place annually to demonstrate the skill level of the design students. Darden says she hopes to make it more grand next year. 

“It’s really fun doing the fashion program,” said Merill. “It’s a creative outlet. Being able to see what the older students are doing, it’s fun knowing that I’m going to do that next year, that’s going to be me.”