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“I am Somebody” Project Connects Students with History

black history month hallway display Feb. 26, 2021 – At Ackerman, Black History Month is not just a stand-alone celebration. Instead, the staff and administrators have coordinated many projects and themes throughout February and the semester to go hand-in-hand with Black History Month.

For instance, if you walk the hallways of the school, you’ll see the faces, names, drawings, and avatars of students who made displays for the “I Am Somebody” project.

“The project promotes a positive self-image for students,” said Ackerman principal Lisa Leonard-Sneed. “Students talk about what makes them special, and they have a chance to show it off here with their displays outside of their classrooms.”

The project ties in with Black History Month as students read facts about famous African Americans over the intercom each day in February for in-person students and over Zoom for students learning at home. Teachers connect these lessons about famous African Americans by turning things inward and having students do exercises to learn more about themselves and what they want for their own future. This links seamlessly with the school’s semester theme of “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

In addition, Ackerman classes are reading books, performing poetry, playing music, and recording videos to go along with all of these themes.

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