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Metro Theater Performs at Ackerman

 Metro Theater actors perform on stage at Ackerman School.

October 5, 2023 - In an effort to expand the Special Education Foundation’s (SEF) Arts in the Classroom program, the organization recently partnered with Ackerman School to fund a presentation of Metro Theater’s “Maddi’s Fridge.” Based on the book by Lois Brandt, the story follows the life of best friends Sofia and Maddi. When Sofia learns a secret about Maddi’s fridge, she’s faced with a difficult decision: keep her promise or tell her parents about Maddi’s empty fridge. 

“I love that Maddi’s friend never gave up on her,” said Kimberly Grafeman, Ackerman paraprofessional. “The story taught the students that the best thing they can do to help someone close to them is to notify someone they trust.”

“My favorite part was when Maddi shared her dinner, a burrito, with Sofia the next day so she could have something to eat,” said Amir Sanders, 2nd-grader. 

Live theater can improve student’s communication skills, help them problem-solve, manage anxiety, and make them feel happy. These benefits are only a few of the reasons why SEF decided to help bring theater to the schools. 

“By partnering with SSD, SEF helps give access for students to experience performing arts such as theater and music that they may not be able to do otherwise,” said Tim Eby, SEF executive director. “These kinds of experiences can change a student's perspective on the world, bringing joy and positivity as part of their school day.” 

Every classroom was provided with an Interactive Learning Guide. The Black Rep and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra will also perform at SSD schools in the spring.