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SEF Funds SSD School Projects

SEF Funds SSD School Projects

November 27, 2023 - Every year, SSD principals and staff coordinate dozens of special events and projects for students to engage in during the school year. Activities range from theater performances, to cooking programs, and designing customized T-shirts. To support these efforts, the Special Education Foundation (SEF) Women’s Leaders provided over $11,000 in funding to support SSD schools, including the Juvenile Detention Center and Bridges Program. 

"SEF's dynamic Women Leaders group is committed to supporting students with disabilities served by SSD,” said Shannon Benedek, SEF program and communications manager. “Through fun and creative events, their fundraising efforts show their unwavering dedication to the SSD principals to implement school projects which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.”

Ackerman School was provided $1,950. The money will be used to purchase ties for members of Gentlemen of Distinction and shirts for members of Diamond Divas. Both groups work towards developing social skills to work in the restaurant and dining industry. 

Northview School was provided $2,000. The money will be used for its annual spring carnival and student positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) celebrations.

Litzsinger school was provided $1,700. The money will be used to host Afriky Lolo in March. 

“Students will be able to experience this rich cultural experience with drums and dancers,” said Kathy Russ, Litzsinger principal. “We are excited to welcome them back to Litzsinger and for all students to engage in this exceptional interactive performance.” 

Neuwoehner School was provided $1,205. The money will be used to purchase a weatherproof garden bench and fund a performance by The Black Rep Theater

Southview School was provided $1,500. The money will be used to purchase t-shirts to promote school spirit and for the Color Coded Chef program, which offers color coded recipes for students who are unable to recognize numbers. 

“For example, if making chocolate chip cookies, the recipe will show a picture of a pink teaspoon with baking soda,” said Melanie Phillips, Southview occupational therapist. “When the student sees the photo, they will know to pick up the corresponding pink teaspoon to measure the flour. The kits will be used by teachers to check out from the Occupational Therapy department for cooking classes.” 

The Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) was provided $1,500. The money will be used to purchase supplies for the graduation ceremony, holiday lunch, and school year kickoff. 

“All of this will ensure that each student at JDC is provided the opportunity to learn in a positive learning environment,” said Ann Hawkey, Courts program principal. “It promotes positive behavior and also provides care for the staff who work hard to meet the needs of our diverse population.” 

The Bridges program was provided $2,000. The money will be used for the 2024 obstacle course, quarterly student incentives, staff appreciation, and graduation supplies. 

Tim Eby, SEF executive director is excited to bring enriching experiences to school environments this year, especially in the arts.

“By partnering with SSD, SEF helps give access for students to experience performing arts such as theater and music that they may not be able to do otherwise,” said Eby “These experiences can change a student’s perspective on the world, bringing joy and positivity as part of their school day."  

To learn more about SEF women leaders, visit  SEF’s website