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Sensory Celebration

May 21, 2021 – Bubbles, flowers, beads, glitter, ukuleles, feather boas, and much more were on display on May 21 in front of Litzsinger School to celebrate Faith Wildschuetz’s winning of the Rosemary Zander Award from Special School District.

Faith is finishing fifth grade and was born with a rare genetic diagnosis of SOX2 Anophthalmia Syndrome, which causes many physical disabilities, including blindness. So Litzsinger staff joined together to hold a “sensory parade” to recognize her achievement. Faith and her family went down the line of cheerleading staff members and received things she could feel, smell, and hear.

“Today we’re here to celebrate Faith,” said SSD physical therapist Susan Long. “She is so deserving of this honor and is an amazing young lady.”

The dozens of sensory gifts and treats were well-received by Faith as she met with everyone gathered.

faith and family greeting litzsinger stafffaith enjoying celebrationlitzsinger staff lining up to celebrate Faithsensory itemsbeads, zander award trophy and other sensory items