Diesel Alumnus Conner Joins Caterpillar Program at Missouri Tech

North Tech Alumus Will Conner During his sophomore year in 2016, Will Conner joined North Tech as a rising Diesel Technology student. His Tech experience included an internship, awards, real world experience, and has ultimately resulted in his acceptance into the Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Option at Missouri State Technical College.

“I gained a lot of knowledge from Mr. Duvall throughout those two years,” Conner said of his junior and senior years in the Diesel program.  “Both years I was selected to represent North Technical at the SkillsUSA state competition for diesel technology. I placed 13th in the state junior year and then, with another year of learning under my belt, I placed 4th in the state thanks to the help of this program and personal projects at home,” he said.

Conner made a lasting impression on his instructor, Benn Duvall. “Will was a standout student, always ready to lead by example,” he said of Conner. In January of 2019, Duvall determined that Conner’s hard work and dedication were worthy of offering him a coveted internship at L. Keeley Construction. After applying and interviewing, Conner was offered a diesel technician position during the second semester of his senior year. “I spent the remainder of my senior year working as well as completing my general studies. When I graduated, I was fortunate that L. Keeley offered me a job over the summer working on everything from generators to D6 track dozers and much more,” said Conner.

In August, Conner was accepted into the Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Option at Missouri State Technical College. This 24-month program includes 14 months dedicated to learning complex Caterpillar heavy machinery systems while completing all general education requirements needed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The remaining 10 months consist of a paid internship with Fabick Caterpillar in Fenton, Missouri. “Upon completion of my degree, I will hopefully be employed full time with Fabick.”

Summing up his experience at North Tech, Conner stated, “This has been my passion since I was 8 and I firmly believe that the Diesel Technology program at North Tech put me on the correct path as well as giving me an advantage over just a regular 4-year high school. Thank you North Technical!”

You can learn more about the Diesel Technology program and other offerings at North Tech on our programs page