Cosmetology's Mujakic takes Supercuts Career to the Top

Photo of someone cutting hair South Tech alumnae Mirela Mujakic was recently spotted on Fox 32 Chicago, sharing the latest hair styling trends for spring! She started climbing her career ladder as a South Tech Cosmetology student in 2011. Her passion for this field and dedication to learning have resulted in a fast track to success.

Mujakic knew she had discovered her career path while still in high school. She was accepted to South Tech’s program and determined to earn her cosmetology license upon graduation. When she learned her family would be moving to Illinois, she feared she would not be able to continue her training in high school as so few districts offer this unique opportunity. “Most of the schools in the Chicago area required a high school diploma (to begin attending),” she said, “but Mrs. Langhorst actually found a school for me and ensured that my credits would even transfer,” she said. Mujakic was able to earn both her diploma and license, then quickly begin her career with Supercuts (owned by Regis) in 2013. At age 17, she was the youngest stylist in the company.

Photo of Mujakic Robyn Langhorst, Cosmetology instructor, isn’t the least surprised that Mujakic is so successful. “She was always so willing to learn…like a sponge,” Langhorst said of Mujakic, “I just loved having her as a student.”

Currently serving as a Senior District Manager and overseeing 8 northwest Illinois salons, Mujakic has remained with Supercuts. She has served as a salon leader, district leader, and a brand ambassador for media and cosmetology education. Her commitment to Supercuts was based on solid research she did during high school regarding company benefits, education opportunities, and growth potential.

"Tech sas the best opportunity to get a jump start on my career," Mujakic said about her time at South Tech. "I was so thankful for the Tech team for helping me continue to pursue my dream career."To see Mujakic on Fox 32, click here:

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